My cat Oscar is nearly sixteen. In the four years I have had him, he has never been fond of being petted. I can scratch his forehead, but stroke his back and he leaves the room. I mentioned this to a friend who suggested I check out the Tellington Touch™. It sounds New Age. It sounds like hoodoo, but shockingly, it worked. So that sent me to Getting in TTouch with your Cat

Before borrowing the book, I checked out a few videos on YouTube and tried a few of the techniques. Incredibly, Oscar not only tolerated being “touched” he stretched out and relaxed into the experience. With all of his anxieties, this was exciting.

Having read the book, I can only say that the majority of the book is just sensible pet owner advice and the first half is mainly filler with some nice pictures. Finally about half-way through it gets to the TTouch™ technique. My eyes rolled at the names of the various touches. Frankly, naming the touches Tiger, Bear and Abalone is counter-productive. I would much prefer names like the flat hand touch, the finger tip touch and so on. Descriptive names would be more useful.

I felt kind of silly reading about the touches with their names, I felt even more silly reading the explanation for why the touch works. Thankfully, that is not necessary to use the TTouch™ and no matter how silly  I felt, my cat still loved it.

3pawsOnly because it works.