The Grownup: A Story by the Author of Gone Girl is the newest release from Gillian Flynn. I made a point of leaving the full title there because it is only a story, a 56 page story printed and published as a hardcover book for $9.90. Instead of buying this book, readers would be better served getting George R.R. Martin’s anthology Rogues where the story was originally published under the title “What Do You Do?”  There you can get 21 stories for $17.00 and not feel as though you have been scammed by an author cashing in on the massive success of her other novel, Gone Girl.

What can I say about a 56 page story? It is fast-paced, well-written with a Flynn-like who do you believe kind of twist. A sex-worker/psychic/con artist discovers you can con a con, getting in over her head when she agrees to help a client whose house seems haunted. It suffers from the twist being explicated completely by one person, sort of like those bad movies where the hero is in peril but the evildoer has to explain the whole plot for them.

2pawsIt hardly seems worthwhile reviewing. The story is slight. It relies on someone explaining the story. Save your money and read it as part of the anthology. Then you will not feel cheated and have your opinion of Flynn damaged by a cheap grasping trick to con her readers out of more money while they wait for her to write a real book. I would have given it a single star for being such a rip-off, but the beginning of the story is well-written. The ending is pure dreck except maybe the final sentence.