Kerry Greenwood’s The Green Mill Murder features the insouciant series detective Phryne Fisher. It is the fifth in the series so Phryne’s character is well-established. The story begins at a jazz club when one of the men competing in a dance marathon nearing its 48th hour is killed–murdered. Phryne, who is alway on the spot when murder is afoot, actually trips over his body. She is a good witness for detective Jack Robinson, pretty much eliminating everybody.

Her date rushes off, nauseated by the blood, and disappears into the night. This is certainly suspicious behavior, especially when he is still missing, in hiding, the next day. His mother hires Phryne to take the case, to prove her son Charles did not kill the victim and while she’s at, perhaps look for her elder son who seems to have disappeared several years ago. She was quite happy about it at the time, but now it’s inconvenient.


I have watched the Miss Fisher series and love Phryne for her vivacity, her generosity, her open-minded acceptance of people as they are. She’s quite the lovely Jazz Age woman. That some of her attitudes are a bit anachronistic is fine with me. And how exciting that she has a GoGirl™ way back then. I checked, because that is just who I am, and sure enough a female urination device was patented in 1922.

The Green Mill Murder  is fair. I figured it out the who, how, and why of the murder fairly quickly, certainly before Phryne said she had twigged it, but that is not the whole story. There are other plots afoot, also fair. Many things must resolve before there is anything resembling a happy ending. I don’t know that my idea of a happy ending meshes with Phryne. I think she made a mistake for the sake of true love that could have disastrous consequences for someone else, someplace else, that Phryne will probably never know about. I disagree with her choice, in fact, I would not have delayed the revelation of the murderer and the arrest to go off on searching for the missing brother. I would have been calling Robinson immediately, but then I am not a fictional siren solving murders while charming men and women across the continent.

The Green Mill Murder will be released February 7, 2017. I was provided an advance e-galley from the publisher through NetGalley.