Amazing Animal Facts Postcards is not a book, though it is based on one, Maja Säfström’s The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts, a delightful collection of pen and ink drawings of animals accompanied by interesting facts about animals. These are fun facts, like bees never sleep.

screen-shot-2016-04-03-at-3-00-17-pmThe postcards are in black and white and intended to be colored in. Many people find coloring a peaceful and meditative activity. Coloring postcards allows people to add a personal touch to the card they send, too. There are fifty postcards, two copies of twenty-five designs, five each from the sea, the forest, the field, the jungle, and the air. The designs are black and white illustrations that are simple and stylized, completely recognizable without being literal.


The drawings are delightful. The facts are fun and interesting. I think sending personally colored post cards is a fun way to add a personal touch to a short bread and butter note or invitation. The one thing that would improve this would be to have more room to color. There are some very tiny spaces to fill in.

I also think this is a lovely gift to give someone, so long as it’s not intended as a hint to write more often. The cards are not seasonal, so they can be used for any purpose. There is a nice filing box, with tabs for forest, field, sea, jungle, and air, keeping everything neatly organized until you read to color, write, and delight your friends with a personal message with a personal touch.

I was provided a set of Amazing Animal Facts Postcards for review through Blogging for Books.