As Red as Blood is the first book in a fabulously successful young adult series from Finland called The Snow White Trilogy. The books tell the story of Limukki Andersson whose name means Snow White, even though she would argue that she does not look like Snow White at all.

Limukki is not your ordinary high school senior. She’s hyper-alert to danger and has developed skills that would suit an espionage agent, all due to years of being terrorized in elementary and middle school. She may have reason to thank her childhood tormenters because those skills save her again and again after she accidentally stumbles into a deadly situation with murderous drug smugglers and clueless teenagers.


I liked Limukki and was rooting for her and will be reading the rest of the trilogy. So, in terms of what it needed to do, interest me enough to want to read the trilogy, As Red as Blood is a success. However, it is a bit clunky. All the skills Limukki learned from her childhood trauma were just a bit over-the-top and the actual persecutors, when revealed, turned out to overblown in all the foreshadowing, a years-long problem that perhaps could have been addressed with one talk with her parents. Maybe not, but we will never know because she never tried.

The resolution was also a bit disappointing. Limukki showed a lot of courage and intelligence, and deserved to be awake and conscious during the wrap up and clean up. I am sure it’s no spoiler that she survived since there are two more books. There’s even some foreshadowing of what they may be–a parental secret, a beloved ex-boyfriend.

But in the present, in the action of the book, Limukki is endearing. Smart, capable, and fierce. She is prepared to stand alone, but also to help a friend, or even, a new acquaintance. I like her.

I like young adult fiction. There’s a bold, creative energy in so many young adult series. As Red as Blood does feature a bold, unique character in Limukka and I am hoping in the following books, we leave behind the melodramatic characterizations of her childhood.

I received a review copy of As Red as Blood from the publisher through Blogging for Books.  It continues with As White as Snow and As Black as Ebony. The second will be released in the U.S. in October and I am sure the third will come in 2018.