That Last Weekend is one of those mysteries with a very limited list of suspects, none of whom you want to be guilty. Laura DiSilverio does a masterful job of balancing that tension between almost preferring not to know who is guilty and the need to know for the sake of the innocent. A circle of college friends used to vacation in a castle that had been moved brick by brick from France to America until ten years ago, one of them was pushed off a fifth-floor balcony. The local sheriff was certain it was one of them – and they suspected each other as well – and that mutual suspicion infected their friendship.

Now, suddenly, they are invited back for a weekend and none of them can resist attending, their motives mixed, hoping to rekindle lost friendships or to find answers. Murder and mayhem ensue and the sheriff is back, determined that this time someone will pay.

That Last Weekend is a fast-paced mystery that somehow manages to create as much suspense as those with a small group of suspects as many can with dozens. There really are so few, the four friends invited back to the scene of the past and present crime, the caretakers, the maid, and the victim’s mysterious fiance. The maid is skilled at pressuring people for “tips” and the caretakers are resentful the castle is being converted and they are laid off, so there’s a chance “the butler did it.” There are, of course, the friends, and they are likable people you want to be innocent.

Of course, when mysteries are left unsolved, to fester for a decade, the innocent suffer with the guilty, under a cloud of shared suspicion. Friendships wear thin. How can you hold close to a friendship if there is this whisper of doubt, the fear your friend is guilty? All in all, this was a quick, pleasurable mystery that was more complex than it seemed at first and fair every step of the way.

That Last Weekend will be released September 5th. I received an e-galley in advance from the publisher through NetGalley.