Veggie Desserts & Cakes is exactly what the title promises, a collection of dessert recipes that incorporate some vegetables. What makes it a great cookbook, though, is that it does so while delivering great taste. We have all had carrot cake, so we know that vegetables can be the basis for delicious treats, but Kate Hackworthy takes it to the next level.

Organized by type of dessert, from cakes and cupcakes to cookies and bars, pies, pastries, frozen desserts and other treats. She uses everything from beets and kale to the more expected carrots. I am dubious about the avocado and chocolate, but I won’t be trying them anyway since I am allergic to avocados. Perhaps it’s my innate hostility to avocados that makes the whole idea of chocolate and avocado sound bad, after all, there is mole and it is often served with avocado.

The pictures are gorgeous and make everything look delicious (even beets and avocados!) I was thinking of my niece when I saw the recipe for zucchini and poppyseed loaf with lavender glaze. Sounds heavenly. There’s a beetroot cake with Earl Grey icing and considering how much I love Earl Grey cookies, I think that icing sounds tantalizing.

My best friend and I had a baking day, trying out a couple of the recipes. We made the Black Bean Brownies and they were a revelation. I won’t want regular brownies again. They were incredibly moist, kind of between cake and fudge, really, and so chocolatey and rich, but none of that set-your-teeth-on-edge-sweetness that can ruin some brownies. Then we made the Pear and Parsnip Cake with Salted Honey Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache. Yes! So, pears and parsnips have graced our tables before, most notably the delicious pear and parsnip soup from The Bijou Cafe, but parsnips and chocolate? Turns out it is delicious. Both recipes turned out well and were easy to follow.

I love this cookbook and want to try all (nearly) the things.