Treacherous Is the Night is the second in the Verity Kent series by Anna Lee Huber. Verity served as a spy in World War I which provides the backstory for the series which begins after World War I has ended.

Treacherous Is the Night begins shortly after the first book. Verity and her husband Simon have been reunited but are struggling with uncertainty and resentment. Verity is angry Simon kept her ignorant of his fake death, putting her through all the pain and mourning of his death. Simon is suspicious of the men she befriended during the War and unaware she did anything more than clerking and possibly code-breaking. However, when she is chivvied into going with her friend to see a medium, she is alarmed by a message from a woman she worked with during the war, a resistance spy named Emelie. Someone is breaching confidentiality and revealing Verity’s war work.

Verity is determined to investigate, leading her to go back to France, back to formerly occupied territory and war-ravaged towns and villages. Simon goes with her even though it is fraught with terrible memories of the war. He also discovers more and more of Verity’s past, including meeting another man Verity worked with during the war. The relationship is front and center as they try to navigate the past in search of answers.

I enjoyed Treacherous Is the Night quite a bit, but then I liked the first in the series as well. Verity is smart and doesn’t pretend she isn’t. She’s capable and when he husband keeps insisting on driving, she reminds him he taught her how to drive. She’s not tolerating the back seat just to cater to his masculine ego, particularly when he’s exhausted. I like that the clues are fair and the mystery is revealed bit by bit. It engages us in the solution. I like that Verity and Simon do sensible things like calling the police for backup. These are smart cookies.

I received a copy of Treacherous Is the Night from the publisher through NetGalley.