Turbulence is a striking novel, a fresh story that feels like many stories. It begins with a flight from London to Madrid. She talks to a seatmate and the next chapter follows him. And the third chapter follows another person he encounters, continuing a chain of human connection that takes us around the world and back to London in twelve luscious vignettes.

I enjoyed Turbulence a lot. It was short and easy, a book I read in one sitting. Szalay quickly sets up each new chapter, connecting us to the last chapter. The scenarios are natural, though sometimes dramatic. But then for many people, there are often dramatic reasons for flying from one place to another.

Turbulence is an excellent short novel that left me wanting to know more about every single one of the people whose stories were one leg of this round-the-world trip.

I received an e-galley of Turbulence from the publisher through NetGalley.