Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins is the second in the Harley Merlin series. In this book, Harley learns much more about her powers and her parents. The coven wants to bring in young magicals who are not members of the coven yet, but when Harley and friends go out to meet them, they discover that a pair of twins have come before them. Worse, the twins murdered some humans and stole one of the kids.

When they hunt for the twins, they discover they have all sorts of powers including using some forbidden spells that are truly diabolical. The story hits really close to home when one of the secret magicals is a young man who is a foster child living with Harley’s adoptive parents who fostered her.

Bella Forrest writes fast-paced and action-packed fantasy. The world holds together and the plot is fresh. I like Harley Merlin and expect to enjoy the entire series, though I think the books are short and rely a bit too much on a cliff hanger.

Still, I liked Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins and expect to like the rest in the series.