T. M. Logan sure knows how to ratchet up the suspense and did he ever in 29 Seconds – the length of a life-changing phone call. Sarah is a university professor in the U.K. in what we would call a tenure-track position. However, her way is blocked by a lascivious and powerful professor Alan Hawthorne. Hawthorne is a popular and successful professor who narrates a BBC history documentary, leveraging that to extraordinary power over his department and impunity from the administration and human resources.

He is pressuring Sarah to sleep with him when Sarah earns the gratitude of a powerful man who offers to make someone, anyone she names, disappear. After all, we all have someone, right?

4-starsIf that were not enough, something goes awry and suddenly the sense of real jeopardy kicks in and the suspense is read-until-the-wee-hours intense. Read this book, but start it when you can sleep in the next day.

29 Seconds will be released on September 3rd. I received an ARC through Shelf Awareness.