Of Blood and Bone is the second in the Chronicles of The One, a futuristic series taking place after a plague has more than decimated the population of Earth. It opens thirteen years after Year One when Fallon, the baby born at the end of that book is approaching her thirteenth birthday and goes off to be tutored by Mallick in preparation for her role in saving the world. After all, she is The One.

The first half of the book is about her schooling by Mallick, very much like Arthur with Merlin. A common hero trope and about her coming to understand and accept her destiny. It’s one thing to be told you are The One, but something far different to believe and act on it.  In the second half, she and her family go to New Hope, the town founded in the first book, the town where her biological father died, murdered by his brother in the first book. There she plans to build a resistance but there seems to be a spy in their midst.

I really don’t think Nora Roberts can write a bad book. She is just too skilled at developing a plot and characters we care about.  Of Blood and Boneis an excellent and exciting adventure story that I never should have started right before bed. The quests for the white owl,  white wolf, and white horse were clever and how she came to solve them were telling.

One thing I like about Roberts is that her stories all have the thems of female empowerment and racial, ethnic, and gender inclusivity that we so need to hear. But these values are demonstrated, not dictated. It would not hurt the world one bit if more people took her books to heart.