The Other People is the story of a father’s search for his missing daughter, a daughter the world believes is dead, murdered along with her mother while he was driving home. He knows she is alive, though, as  he saw her in a car on that drive home. He gave chase, but fell back for fear of causing an accident. He gave the police the information on the car, but the police through he was making it up to deflect suspicion. They thought he was the murderer.

Three years later and he is still searching. He finally finds the car, thanks to someone he calls a Good Samaritan, and bit by bit pieces of the conspiracy unravel, exposing a worldwide conspiracy of complicity that explains the seeming omniscence and power of the group he has struggled against.

I disliked The Other People about as much as a I liked The Chalk Man. There are recurring ideas of revenge, guilt, vigilantism, and just desserts. This is a rich vein to mine and I can foresee other stories plumbing the possibilities. However, this time it missed the mark for me. I cannot see The Other People, when you come to understand who they are, cosigning their actions without due diligence to verify its merit and purpose. I doubt they are easily fooled and would never punish the innocent as they did. Either there are super smart and able to know all these things before they happen or they are stupid and fall for a bogus request, not both.

The Other People will be published January 28th, 2020. I received a copy from the pu. blisher through NetGalley.