All the Best Lies is the third in the series of mysteries featuring Ellery Hathaway and Reed Markhan. When Ellery was a child, she was kidnapped by a serial rapist/murderer and Reed was the FBI agent who found her. Ellery became a cop and the two of them have already caught a serial killer and a serial rapist. Now they have a more personally challenging case, solving Reed’s mother’s murder. Reed was adopted by a politician when his mother was murdered during his infancy. Having learned through a DNA test that his adoptive father is also his biological father has him wondering if his father is implicated.

They fly to Las Vegas to investigate the murder and find a strange helpfulness and resistance from the Sheriff’s office. That may be because his murdered mother Cammie was dating a police officer who was a bit of a player. She also was testifying against a local drug dealer. There are plenty of suspects and it’s possible that her death was part of a series as there are some similarities to a murder a year earlier. With so many suspects, there’s plenty of misdirection to keep the suspense going. While this murder happened long ago, the killer must still be alive because they are being followed and sabotaged.

I have enjoyed every book in the series of Ellery Hathaway mysteries. They are fair, suspenseful, and full of red herrings. All the Best Lies brought in intense family emotions, anger, resentment, betrayal, and disappointment. And it is not just Reed facing family trauma, Ellery is contacted by her father who disappeared during her childhood, who did not get in touch when she was rescued or when her brother died. Now he wants her help.

I also like that we have moved past the will they/won’t they suspense. They will, they did, and not a moment too soon. I have little patience for this old, tired idea that folks want the sexual tension to never be resolved. Not true. Look at the success of J. D. Robb’s “In Death” series.

So, I now look forward to another in this series. I expect it will be well-done, with lots of possible solutions and suspects, and smart detecting that combines equal amounts of procedural investigation and intuition.

All the Best Lies will be released on February 11th. I received an e-galley from the publishers through NetGalley.