Cut to the Bone is the third book in the Sayer Altair series, but the first for me. It begins with a double murder, that of a cop who stumbled on the killer while he laid his first victim out at the Einstein memorial with an ax in her hand and nine baboons around her. Sayer is assigned to the case and quickly realizes this may be a serial killer. Before long, they discover the victim is a high school student who was on a school trip with several other kids and the entire busload of kids are missing.

To add to the suspense, someone is following Sayer and there is a mole leaking information from the investigation. That’s a lot to handle, but it seems she has some unseen allies.

I liked Cut to the Bone and it kept me up to the wee hours. The mystery is fair and we figure things out as Sayer does, though the great aha! about the identity of the killer was one I figured out a couple chapters before Sayer and I did feel some impatience, but then, I am on the outside, not feeling the pressure to produce.

This makes me want to read the first two and since it ends with a revelation unrelated to this particular mystery, I am eager to read the next. The soonest possible.

Cut to the Bone will be released on July 14th. I received an e-galley from the publisher through NetGalley.