The Second Home tells the story of three siblings coming together after the death of their parents. There are two sisters, Ann and Poppy, and their adoptive brother Michael, and they have not been together as a family for eighteen years. The fracturing of their family is revealed, a series of lies, betrayals, and misunderstandings of epic proportions. Michael left, Poppy became a peripatetic traveler and Ann become career-focused and bitter.

Their parents died in a car accident and Ann resolves to sell the family’s second home on Cape Cod. She doesn’t care that Poppy is reluctant to sell and she hopes to defraud Michael out of any inheritance. How did the family get to this point?

So this is one of those stories of an eighteen-year long misunderstanding, of a family, fractured and embittered, of parents dying without seeing their long-lost son, of lost happiness and relationships all because people could not spend ten minutes talking to each other. All the heartbreak relies onĀ  “I don’t want to hear it” belligerence and assuming the worst of what others do, think, and feel. When people do not even attempt to talk out a misunderstanding I want to throw the book across the room. It is a sign of Clancy’s ability to write that I did not. I did care about some of the characters. I did want to know what happened, even though I was frustrated with them. It was still frustrating and really, Ann needs to grow up.

The Second Home will be released on June 2nd. I received an ARC from the publisher through Shelf Awareness.