From the Grave  is the seventeenth mystery in the detective series featuring Twin Cities detective Mac McKenzie. It all starts when a friend of Mac’s goes to a psychic reading and a malevolent ghost shows up and promises the secret of a hidden treasure in exchange for murdering Mac.

So Mac begins to investigate and in the course of the investigation, he encounters four good friends, three bad guys, two psychics, and a ghost in a haunted house.

From the Grave  is interesting. The mystery itself is fair. I like the characters and always have. However, I did not see Mac McKenzie becoming a ghost hunter. I guess I like my detectives to stay in their lane and he just took an off-ramp.

That does not mean I am not eagerly awaiting book number eighteen

I received an e-galley of From the Grave from the publisher through NetGalley.

From the Grave at St. Martin’s Press | Macmillan

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