The Girl of Ink and Stars is an exciting story of a young girl named Isabella whose father is a cartographer, a lost art since their island has been cut off from the world after a terrible tyrant has invaded and taken over. Isabella is kind-hearted and does not hold the tyrant’s actions against his daughter Lupe who is her best friend. But when angry words send Lupe into the forest, Isabella knows she must help rescue her.

Disguised as a boy, Isabella joins the expedition to guide them using her father’s maps and the skills he taught her.  There are many dangers and the land beyond the forest is full of creatures that are frightening, but Isabella is not deterred, not even when ancient legends seem to come to life.

I liked The Girl of Ink and Stars even though I am long past the target age market. Millwood Hargrave does an excellent job of creating a world that is completely new to us with its own mythology, landscape, and monsters. There is a sense of true jeopardy and uncertainty of who will save the day and who will be saved.