Little Disasters is a contemporary novel about what happens when a child is injured and abuse is expected. Lisa is a pediatrician called to the Emergency Room when a child’s injuries invite suspicion. She is shocked to discover she knows the family. In fact, Jess is a good friend, part of a circle of women who bonded in pre-natal classes when they all had their first child.

Of course, child services must be called in to investigate and Lisa’s boss must take over the medical treatment. Lisa feels in a bind, thinking her friend Jess could not possibly be abusive, but certain she is hiding something. The story changes point of view between Lisa, Jess, and Jess’ husband as they all come reluctantly to suspect Jess. But the truth is more complicated than it seems.

Little Disasters effectively grabbed my attention and held on for dear life. I read it one sitting and it has its surprises. In fact, after you think it’s been solved and you know what happened, there is a wrench thrown in the plot, shifting it to a far more sinister story. I somehow think an opportunity was lost here.

This story reminds me of when a woman in a nearby suburb fell asleep while her children were napping. They woke up before her, found a lighter, and set the house on fire. They died. I heard women on the bus discussing whether or not the woman will be charged with murder or manslaughter and they were all for giving her the death penalty. I wondered what happened to accidents?

I received an e-galley of Little Disasters from the publisher through NetGalley.