The Darkest Evening is the ninth in the Vera Stanhope series. It begins during a blizzard. Vera is driving home and mistakes her turn. She finds a car has driven off the road. The driver is gone, the door of the car wide open, and in the back seat an infant in a car seat. Vera takes the child, leaving her card for the missing driver, and drives to the nearest home, one she knows well as it’s the childhood home of her father. It is a source of bad memories and embarrassment as her father only went there when he wanted money. Shortly after she arrives, a neighbor comes on his tractor telling everyone he found a body.

The investigation starts out fairly wide especially when the mother’s close friend, a former teacher, is murdered, but soon comes to center on the Stanhopes and the two families nearby.

The Darkest Evening is an excellent mystery. There were plenty of red herrings and misdirection. I love how the detective’s assumptions about women and what they want in a relationship misled them. I also love learning a little bit more about Vera and her family.

The mystery is completely fair. The story is exciting and one that was hard to put down. In fact, i didn’t. I read it from start to finish.

I received an e-galley of The Darkest Evening from the publisher through NetGalley