Too Good to Be True is a domestic suspense novel with three narrative threads woven together to tell stories from the past and the present. The primary thread is seen through Skye Starling’s eyes as she falls in love with an older man, a man who seems more than perfect to her, who loves her despite her struggles with OCD that has so often humiliated her throughout her adolescence and adulthood, ever since her mother died.

That too-good-to-be-true man is named Burke. We know he’s not the man he seems to her because he’s writing self-incriminating letters to his therapist revealing he has a whole other life with a wife he loves.

Then there is the story from the past of Heather, Burke’s wife. They both came from hardscrabble poverty. When Heather got a job working as a babysitter for a wealthy woman who befriended her, she got the drive to go to school and better herself. She got ambition enough for her and her boyfriend Burke.

Too Good to Be True fits in the unreliable narrator genre that existed before “Gone Girl” and will outlast the current efforts to write the next “Gone Girl.” That cannot be done. It’s power was in its reversal of expectations. To reverse expectations now, I think we need a reliable narrator. After all, as soon as I, as a reader, see a book is domestic suspense, I assume at least one, if not all, narrators will be deceptive. So, the shock is no longer shocking.

Nonetheless, Too Good to Be True was an enjoyable, fast-paced suspense. The characters were complex enough to be interesting. Even Heather, who seems cartoonish in the present is very complex and exciting in the past. The author understands that someone can do bad things and not be a bad person. That’s a valuable lesson that needs to be reiterated again and again. Things move along quickly and even the letters from Burke to his therapist became less annoying when the truth behind them was revealed. If you like domestic suspense, this will be right up your alley.

I received an e-galley of Too Good to Be True from the publisher through NetGalley.