Jace Montgomery’s wife Tessa is missing and he’s the prime suspect. There are signs of a struggle, blood, hair, and broken glass. He seems to be the only one who thinks Tessa is alive, the police and nearly everyone else think he killed her. It seems like he is the only one interested in Finding Tessa

The story follows two narratives but Jaime Lynn Hendricks takes great pains to make sure we do not know if Jace and Tessa’s narratives are concurrent or consecutive. We can be almost certain Jace didn’t kill Tessa because his narrative is very much about how much he needs to find her. But unreliable narrators are de rigueur nowadays, so you never know, do you? Tessa’s narrative is about running from an abusive husband, but is that Jace or someone else?

I was disappointed in Finding Tessa. I think the story had great potential. The plot was intricate enough with some plausible red herrings, but it was too much tell and not enough show. We were too thoroughly embedded in Jace and Tessa’s worldview, so a lot of potential for suspense was lost. The characters were too simplistic as well. So many self-serving jerks without redeeming qualities. The best part of the story was the plot, the characters were too shallow and we knew them too well. I will credit Hendricks for creating a good sense of place, you could feel yourself in the setting. This gives me hope that in future books she will focus more on showing us what happens without telegraphing what it means.

I received an e-galley of Finding Tessa from NetGalley.