The Husbands is the story of Nora Spangler whose on track to become a partner in the law firm where she works. She’s behind after taking some time off for parental leave when their child was born. She’s pregnant with their second and worried that may stall her career. Meanwhile, she has the infamous “Second Shift.” She is the one who keeps track of events, organizes meals, repairs, and caring for their child. Hayden believes he is a supportive husband because he “helps.” She loves her husband, but inside she seethes with resentment.

They are looking for a new, larger home since they have a second child on the way. Nora is drawn to a house in an exurban community called Dynasty Ranch. It’s very exclusive but in a unique way. All the women work.  And the men seem extraordinarily helpful. In fact, Nora is blown away by the high-powered jobs women have. When she is asked to represent one of the women in a wrongful death suit after the woman’s husband burned to death, she jumps at the chance, hoping that would persuade someone to sponsor them so they can move in.

The Husbands is another great book by Chandler Baker that explores the struggles of working women in modern society with humor and a dose of malice. There are breaks featuring social media discussions that sound like a day on Twitter. Baker effectively poses the question of what someone might do to get a helpful husband. Too many men think when they take care of their kids, they are babysitting, subbing in for the real parent. Baker explores one way to change that.

The Husbands will be released on August 3rd. I received an e-galley from the publisher through NetGalley