In the Company of Witches is a cozy mystery that takes place in the coziest of places, a New England bed-and-breakfast run by the Warren witches, two sisters, a brother, and their niece Brynn. Nora is not good with people and takes charge of the garden and floral arrangements while Izzy takes care of the cooking and seems to weave comfort and other useful spells into every morsel. Samuel is agoraphobic and stays upstairs, providing warnings when they might be helpful Unfortunately, all their magic did not prevent the murder of their most annoying guest, Constance Graves, an unhappy woman whose goal seemed to be spreading ill-will wherever she went.

Of course, Nora is a suspect because she’s always threatening death and dismemberment in the most colorful terms. The murderer also set out to frame her. Brynn is determined to find out who the real murderer is and set things to rights. Normally she could just ask Constance as she talks to the dead, but her gift has not worked since her husband died and she’s decided to quit magic altogether.

In the Company of Witches is a pleasant and fair mystery. You learn the important clues along with Brynn and she solves it without her magic, though she did use a bit at the end, but not so much to solve the mystery as to tidy up. The arc of the story is in many ways two-fold. Yes, there is the whodunnit, but it is also about Brynn accepting her husband’s death and not blaming her magic for its limitations.

It is also a story of families and what drives them apart and what pulls them together. The Graves and the Warrens are founders of the town and yet hardly know each other. Many in the village are wary of the Warrens, but they also find true friends when the town seems to suspect them of murder and witchcraft.

In the Company of Witches will be published on October 19th. I received an e-galley of In the Company of Witches from the publisher through NetGalley.