The Paradox Hotel is a delightful blend of mystery and science fiction. It takes place at a hotel that serves the wealthy who come to time travel. It’s beautifully designed with outstanding service and January Cole is hotel security. Part of her job is ensuring the guests who feel so very entitled do not violate the rules of time travel and leave the past untouched. But of course, there are always a few and that’s why suddenly she sees baby dinosaurs running through the lobby.

But then, no one else is seeing what she sees. Not the dead man on the fifth floor, not the dinosaurs, and definitely not Mina, her lover who died recently. IT seems that January has finally succumbed to the sickness that affects those who travel through time too much.

And this is all happening just when the richest and most powerful people in the world have convened to buy the hotel, and transfer it from the government to a privatized corporation. January is not thrilled with privatization, but she’s not the one causing the trouble with time.

I loved The Paradox Hotel from beginning to end. The mystery was far bigger than one dead body and January was competent to unravel it with the help of a few glitches and ghosts. What made this a great story, though, was not the ghosts, the glitches in time, the excitement of chasing dinosaurs, or any of the clever stuff. It was the humanity that came through from the staff and fromĀ  January. They love each other and will forgive each other some grievous wounds. This is a remarkable story, full of so much creativity, but even with all that, it’s the emotional heft that makes it memorable.

I received an e-galley of The Paradox Hotel from the publisher through NetGalley