The Golden Couple tells the story of Avery Chambers, a therapist who got tired of the slow therapy that waits for people to trip over their answers rather than give them direction. She took action and she lost her license for it. Now she is freed from the strictures of psychotherapy and has developed a 10-step treatment plan to help people. She really throws herself into it, too, investigating her patients, going to their home, and giving them assignments. But what happens when they are liars?

Marissa and Matthew Bishop are the golden couple in the title. They look the part, well-dressed, good-looking, and deeply in love. But there are secrets and Marissa confesses the first one, she has cheated on Matthew – once – and wants his forgiveness and to stay together. Matthew is in a towering rage, but still open to listening to Avery. And so begins their ten-session therapy.

But before they get to ten, things escalate, not just with the Bishops, but with a company that is threatening Avery to get her to name a whistle-blower.

There is one major flaw in The Golden Couple. I don’t think Hendricks and Pekkanen will make an Avery Chambers series and I am so ready for that. I want to binge an Avery Chambers series on Netflix. She is what I like in a character, self-aware, smart, and willing to take a stand.

The story is fair, though full of surprises. We are given the information we need but we might miss details because the writing is so propulsive that for me, I was reading too fast to be a great detective. I figured out part of the story but was still surprised a bit at the very end. That’s the best result, fair enough to figure out, tricky enough to surprise.

I received an e-galley of The Golden Couple from the publisher through NetGalley