The Rabbit Factor is a hilarious thriller that features an actuary as the main character. I love that math is a superpower in this book. Henri Koskinen has a well-ordered life. His apartment is optimally located for his job where he excels at calculating the odds but has to deal with an irritating manager who is full of meaningless phrases from the greeting card aisle. Sadly for him, his competence is not valued as much as his curmudgeonly attitude is disliked, so he is fired.

Then his brother dies and leaves him an adventure part that is deeply in debt, though it should be profitable. He soon learns that a lot of the debt is owed to some hard-case criminals. Can an actuary take on organized crime and win?

I loved The Rabbit Factor. It was everything promised by the quirky cover and more. It was gently comic with a few madcap moments. I loved when Henri used the corporate jargon he hated so much as a weapon with an encroaching employee, but then when the employee took it to heart and attended classes and learned some jargon of his own, that was genius. A lesser writer would have stopped with the satisfaction of deflecting the employee, but Tuominen didn’t stop and that is why he is such a great author.

Tuominen takes real menace, adds a touch of the ridiculous, a lot of the satiric, and a cup of madcap comedy, and cooks it up into a delicious comic noir. I can’t wait for the rest of this series.

I received an e-galley of The Rabbit Factor from the publisher through Edelweiss