What could be better than a new Phryne Fisher novel? How about several Phryne stories all in one book? The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions gives us seventeen short stories that have Phryne solving mysteries almost in an instant, but still fairly and with clues enough for readers.

If you don’t know Phryne Fisher, this could be a good primer, introducing you to her in small bites. The first story “Hotel Splendide” is fabulously clever. I was baffled, but she was not. Another story has a murder at a fancy-dress party, a plot device that has happened too often, but there were no costume mixups and people masquerading as someone else, so the story was fresh and the motive complex.

I love Phryne Fisher. I love the books. I love the TV show. I love the movie. I love the new TV show.  I love the short stories. I love The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions. If you like clever mysteries that rely on a keen understanding of human behavior and a nose for clues, you will like this collection of short stories.

I received an e-galley of The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions from the publisher through NetGalley.