First Born explores the toll the death of an identical twin can take. When Molly Raven learns her identical twin sister KT is dead, it seems as though several rugs have been pulled out from under her all at once. She and KT know each other better than anyone, talking everyday even now that KT was in New York while she remained in England. Now this risk-averse, fear-filled woman must navigate taking a plane to another country to be there for her sister. She wonders why she didn’t feel that connection being cut when KT died and is certain there are answers to be found in NYC.

Upon arrival, it takes all she has to help her parents manage with the business of death but she also finds time to meet with KT’s friends and lovers. She is certain somewhere out in the city the answer is waiting to be found. But then, things aren’t always as they seem. Is Molly on a mission to solve her sister’s murder or avenge those who harmed her sister in life?

First Born takes the unreliable narrator genre and tips it on its head. There is more than one complete surprise in this story that captures the ability of one twin to think inside the head of her sister in order to address her murder and avenge the wrong done to her. The sense of place is good, but it’s the character of Molly that makes this book so riveting. Since the success of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, it seems everyone is trying to write the next book with a twist you don’t see coming. Will Dean succeeds. I am sure you are already guessing what that twist will be…but you are wrong.

I received an e-galley of First Born from the publisher through Edelweiss