Death and Croissants is the first of the Follet Valley Mysteries, a series of cozy and witty mysteries featuring Richard, the middle-aged owner of a bed and breakfast in France and his adventures with a frequent and favorite guest, the elegantly persuasive and seductive Valerie. Richard had settled into life as a dull and disappointed middle-aged man when a guest disappeared leaving only a bloody handprint behind. Valerie, another guest, seems intent on finding out what happened and Richard is intent on pleasing Valerie, though he is not so bold or self-confident to be thinking romance. Not yet.

Suspicions were aroused by the departure of one couple and arrival of another. Richard and Valerie start searching for their missing guest, going to a rival bed and breakfast that is decidedly more adventurous. They also go to a few tourist sites and excursions. They find out more about the missing guest. It’s all very exciting in a not-very-scary kind of way.

Death and Croissants is a charming mystery with heavy doses of lighthearted humor. It is sort of like French pastry, light, with plenty of beaten egg whites and air to make sure there are no heavy bites. You never believe the jeopardy is real. All will end well. This is comfort food for readers. Enjoyable, fun, quirky, and not to be taken seriously.

I am sure I will enjoy the BBC series that inevitably will be made of it.

Death and Croissants will be released March 14th. I received an e-galley from the publisher through NetGalley.