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I love to read and read widely. I like all sorts of fiction and non-fiction. I have participated in many book clubs in both the physical and digital realm, from face-to-face book groups to internet relay chat discussion groups to even AOL message boards. However, for some silly reason, I am only now beginning to blog my book reviews. I hope you enjoy them.

The Ferryman by Justin Cronin

The Ferryman takes place sometime in our future when the environmental toll couple with international conflict has made our planet a hellhole. However, a group of people have withdrawn to a few islands where they prosper, at least some of... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Good Deed by Carolyn B Cooney

The Wrong Good Deed gives readers a fun visit with Clemmie/Helen who we first met in Before She Was Helen. Clemmie has brought her friend Muffin with her to church, but then Muffin spots someone among the congregation and panics.... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Girls by Monica Potts

The Forgotten Girls is a memoir that asks why Monica Potts, the author, and Darci, her best friend, ended up with such different lives. Potts is a successful and respected journalist and author while Darci struggles with addiction, poverty, and despair.... Continue Reading →

Chrysalis by Anuja Varghese

Chrysalis is a short story collection by Anuja Varghese that is fresh, evocative, poetic, scary, affirming, weird, and just about any other adjective you can think of. It's a book that makes you want to talk about it. For example,... Continue Reading →

The Fake by Zoe Whittall

The Fake is the story of two people who are living half-lives of loneliness who are brought back to life by a larger-than-life woman they happen to meet. Shelby is a widow struggling with the sudden loss of her wife... Continue Reading →

Death of a Bookseller by Bernard J, Farmer

Death of a Bookseller is a great example of classic British mystery fiction. The protagonist is a dutiful, honest, and kind police officer, Sergeant Wigan. He strikes up a friendship with a bookseller who introduces him to the art of collecting... Continue Reading →

How I’ll Kill You by Ren DeStefano

How I'll Kill You is not a hyperbolic title for this nerve-wracking thriller from new author Ren DeStefano. I did not hit the brakes once from the first to the last page, reading through into the wee hours of the... Continue Reading →

A Gentle Murderer by Dorothy Salisbury Davis

A Gentle Murderer begins with formulaic words of a confession, "Bless me Father, for I have sinned." and did he. Father Duffy has heard it several times that night, but as his shift of listening to confessions nears the end,... Continue Reading →

Death and Croissants by Ian Moore

Death and Croissants is the first of the Follet Valley Mysteries, a series of cozy and witty mysteries featuring Richard, the middle-aged owner of a bed and breakfast in France and his adventures with a frequent and favorite guest, the... Continue Reading →

The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz

When a friend recommends Alex to attend a month-long writing workshop offered by her favorite author, feminist-horror writer Roza Vallo, she is over the moon. Even the realization that her former roommate and best friend cum enemy is also attending... Continue Reading →

The Shadow of Perseus by Claire Heywood

The Shadow of Perseus reimagines the myth of Perseus as though it could have really happened. People believe in the Gods and act on those beliefs, but all the mess and drama is thanks to humans being their own silly... Continue Reading →

Wreck Bay by Barbara Fradkin

Wreck Bay is the fifth time out with former aide worker Amanda Doucette who began trauma counseling after surviving a deadly massacre in Nigeria. The story begins with her checking out the sites and amenities for outdoor adventure for a... Continue Reading →

Post After Post-Mortem by E. C. R. Lorac

Post After Post-Mortem suggests sometimes it is best to let sleeping suicides lie. When the successful writer Ruth Surray is found dead at a family gathering that included some of her publishing friends, a verdict is quickly decided and the... Continue Reading →

In the Time of Our History by Susanne Pari

In the Time of Our History is a story of the Iranian diaspora as experienced by one family as they struggle to navigate the sometimes contrary values of Iranian tradition and American modern. The story opens with the act that... Continue Reading →

The Sanctuary by Katrine Engberg

The Sanctuary seems to rely heavily on coincidence when the grisly murder of an unidentified man seems to be linked to Barnholm, the island where Jeppe Kørner, the leading half of the Korner and Werner police duo from Katrine Engberg's... Continue Reading →

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