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Give the Devil His Due by Sulari Gentill

Give the Devil His Due is the seventh in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series, featuring the privileged youngest son of a wealthy Australian family who, much to his elder brother's consternation, is a Bohemian artist sharing his home with a... Continue Reading →

The Tenant by Katrina Engberg

The Tenant is an excellent mystery from Denmark that opens with a shocking murder of a young woman, a tenant in a house in Copenhagen. The murder is discovered by another tenant, an elderly man who nearly dies himself from... Continue Reading →

The Missing American by Kwei Quartey

The Missing American is Gordon Tillson who met the love of his life while working in Ghana in the Peace Corps. When his beloved wife dies of cancer, he mourns her for years and becomes a fixture in a Facebook... Continue Reading →

All the Best Lies by Joanna Schaffhausen

All the Best Lies is the third in the series of mysteries featuring Ellery Hathaway and Reed Markhan. When Ellery was a child, she was kidnapped by a serial rapist/murderer and Reed was the FBI agent who found her. Ellery... Continue Reading →

The Other People by C. J. Tudor

The Other People is the story of a father's search for his missing daughter, a daughter the world believes is dead, murdered along with her mother while he was driving home. He knows she is alive, though, asĀ  he saw... Continue Reading →

Fell Murder by E.C.R. Lorac

Fell Murder is another Chief Inspector Macdonald mystery from classic crime novelist E. C. R. Lorac. The Garths of Garthmere may have had their land since before Flodden Field in the 16th century, but they are farmers, not idle gentry.... Continue Reading →

No Mercy by Joanna Schaffhausen

No Mercy is the second mystery in the Ellery Hathaway series. Ellery is suspended in the aftermath of shooting the serial killer at the end of The Vanishing Season. She has to attend therapy and her counselor has pressured her... Continue Reading →

The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen

The Vanishing Season is the first in what will surely be an excellent mystery series featuring Ellery Hathaway, a small-town cop who has survived being kidnapped by one of the country's most infamous serial killers. She survived, but she is... Continue Reading →

The Body in the Dumb River by George Bellairs

The Body in the Dumb River is the thirty-fifth police procedural featuring George Bellairs series detective Inspector Littlejohn of Scotland Yard. He had just wrapped up a case when asked to take another murder because the local police are too... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Girl by Donis Casey

The Wrong Girl is the first of serial adventure featuring Bianca Dangereuse. Well, Dangereuse is the character played by Bianca LaBelle whose rise from Oklahoma farmgirl to Hollywood star is the foundation for this new series. It begins when Ted... Continue Reading →

Death Has Deep Roots by Michael Gilbert

Death Has Deep Roots is a one-of-a-kind mystery, or perhaps more accurately, it is a one-of-many-kinds mystery. It is a legal thriller, a murder mystery, and war/espionage thriller. When Major Thoseby is murdered at a hotel where he was to... Continue Reading →

Boxing the Octopus by Tim Maleeny

Boxing the Octopus is the fourth Cape Weathers mystery and the first I have read. Fortunately, any competent mystery series does not require reading the books in order to enjoy them. In Boxing the Octopus, Cape is hired by a... Continue Reading →

Death Set to Music by Mark Hebden

Death Set to Music is an enjoyabe police procedural set in Burgundy. The lead character is Inspector Pel, an irascible hypochondriac with a weakness for alcohol. A local woman had been bludgeoned to death. It appears 3000 francs and some... Continue Reading →

Blues in the Dark by Raymond Benson

Blues in the Dark begins when indie film producer Karissa Glover finds a rental offer she can't refuse. It's the mansion of the long-dead Blair Kendrick, still furnished, her clothes still in the closets, untouched since 1949, when she was... Continue Reading →

Honey by Brenda Brooks

Honey is a psychological thriller that begins after Nicole Hewett's parents were in a car crash that killed her father and left her mother in a coma. Nic is off-balance, alone, and vulnerable, but then her childhood friend Honey comes... Continue Reading →

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