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Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis

Eight Perfect Hours is a light-hearted romance that begins when Noelle Butterby is stranded on the freeway with a dead cell phone. She asks the guy in the next car over, Sam Attwood, if she can charge up her phone... Continue Reading →

Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis

Dear Emmie Blue is a delightful romance that began in childhood when sixteen-year-old Emmie attached a hurtful secret to a balloon and sent it off in the air. Lucas found it and emailed her response and so began a life-long... Continue Reading →

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years is a surprising contemporary "romance" that resists pigeon-holing. Dannie Kohan is a corporate lawyer and somehow makes that seem like something exciting and wonderful. That's an accomplishment in itself. The story opens with what should be the... Continue Reading →

Seven Letters by J. P. Monninger

Seven Letters is a contemporary romance to warm and break your heart. Kate has a fellowship to travel to Ireland and research the narratives of the women of the Blasket Islands where her recently deceased father came from. The day... Continue Reading →

Under Currents by Nora Roberts

I was reading two other books when I picked up Under Currents by Nora Roberts while I waited to recharge my e-reader. Well, as always happens when I start reading her books, everything fell by the wayside, including making supper.... Continue Reading →

Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews

After Drue loses her mother to cancer and her job to inhumanity, she accepts her estranged father's offer of a job at his law firm. She also learns she has inherited her grandparents' old beach cottage on Sunset Beach where she... Continue Reading →

The Girl He Used to Know by Tracy Garvis Graves

The Girl He Used to Know is a pleasant fast-paced contemporary romance that reunites young lovers Annika and Jonathan ten years after they were. The story goes back in forth from the past to the present with chapters from both Jonathan... Continue Reading →

Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen

Here and Now and Then begins with Kin Crenshaw moments after being shot by a time-traveling criminal whose attempt to alter the future he had traveled back in time to prevent. Unfortunately, he was shot so that his transmitter and connection... Continue Reading →

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain

Considering how unlikely I think time travel to be, it's odd how much I love the genre. I usually prefer they don't bother getting into the weeds of figuring out a real way to travel in time, so portals that... Continue Reading →

How to Fall In Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush by Emmy Abrahamson

Julia is a young Swedish woman approaching thirty and living in Vienna, a city she loves. She teaches English for Berlitz while not writing a book. She has lots of ideas, like a family working as caretakers at an isolated... Continue Reading →

In the Distance With You by Carla Guelfenbein

The central character of Carla Guelfenbein's In the Distance with You is in a coma from the first page of the book and yet, she is the sun the other characters orbit. Her name is Vera Sigall, a famed Chilean literary icon... Continue Reading →

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

How to Walk Away is a light novel that combines romance with optimism, humor, and sellf-help lessons for life. Margaret (Maggie) was always afraid to fly, but the love of her life insisted on taking her up a private flight on... Continue Reading →

Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

America is unlucky enough to have a literary subgenre all its own•, the mass shooting survivor novel. Nora Roberts turns her talented hand to the subject in her upcoming novel Shelter in Place. In addition to exploring how people were affected by the shooting,... Continue Reading →

The English Wife by Lauren Willig

The English Wife begins with the apparent murder-suicide of Annabelle and Bayard Van Duyvil. It has been rumored she was having an affair with the architect of their new home, Illyria, that Bayard built to replicate Annabelle's home in England and... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Beautiful Ones is described as a fantasy novel. It's more accurately a romance set in AlternaFrance during the Belle Epoque. It has all the Regency Romance genre tropes. There's Nina, the naive, innocent, independent, and feisty heroine with anachronistically modern... Continue Reading →

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