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The Flavor Equation by Nik Sharma

The Flavor Equation approaches cooking and recipes from a scientific viewpoint, explaining how flavor is made up of several different qualities that can be combined and balanced. He suggests there are seven elements to consider: emotion, sight, sound, mouthfeel, aroma,... Continue Reading →

American Women’s Suffrage ed. by Susan Ware

American Women's Suffrage is the newest edition in the Library of America's incredible collection of American literature and historical writings. In this collection, advocates and opponents of women's suffrage from 1776 to 1965 are heard once again. It's an extensive... Continue Reading →

We Keep the Dead Close by Becky Cooper

We Keep the Dead Close is a true crime book that brings a refreshingly introspective voice. Becky Cooper first hears about the murder of Jane Britton from a snippet of campus lore. The story fascinates her and the more she learns... Continue Reading →

Undaunted by James O. Brennan

Undaunted is the memoir of John O. Brennan, the CIA director for the last half of President Obama's term. Since his retirement, he has been critical of Trump and the Republicans who refused to act to punish Russia for intervening... Continue Reading →

Land of 10,000 Plates by Patrice M. Johnson

Land of 10,000 Plates is a cookbook celebrating the unique cuisine of Minnesota and her dramatic changing seasons. It begins with the Annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation Hotdish Competition, a tradition begun by Al Franken and continued by Sen. Tina Smith.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Fix Lunch! by Kat Nouri, Erin Scott, & Stasher

Let's Fix Lunch! is more than just a cookbook. It's a manifesto for reducing waste. That makes it a welcome addition to my cookbook shelf. I try to reduce waste as well. The cookbook focuses on lunch which means there... Continue Reading →

Big Love Cooking by Joey Campanaro

Big Love Cooking is a welcome collection of good recipes that reflect a love of good food that sets instead of follows trends. Joey Campanaro dedicated this book to his mother and grandmother and for good reason, their recipes and... Continue Reading →

Decoding the World by Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta

Decoding the World is a collection of essays going back and forth between authors Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta. Each essay is introduced from a real news headline though how directly or tangentially those headlines relate to the subject varies widely.... Continue Reading →

The Black Cabinet by Jill Watts

The Black Cabinet is a history of the informal group of Black federal employees who worked within FDR's New Deal agencies in order to influence them to help Black Americans. They helped ensure that Black people were hired by New... Continue Reading →

Beyond Your Bubble by Tania Israel

Beyond Your Bubble is a short book full of information on how to talk to people with whom you disagree passionately in order to come to a position of mutual respect. It has several exercises to help readers practice their... Continue Reading →

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend by Sanford D. Greenberg

When I saw this memoir had an introduction from Art Garfunkel, a foreword by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a final word from Margaret Atwood, I had to read it. I mean a musician, justice, and writer come together and... Continue Reading →

From Here to There: The Art and Science of Finding and Losing Our Way by Michael Bond

From Here to There: The Art and Science of Finding and Losing Our Way is a fascinating exploration of how we learn to find our way as children and how we may risk unlearning it from lack of use thanks... Continue Reading →

The Great Influenza by John M. Barry

The Great Influenza is a history of the Spanish Influenza epidemic that began during World War I. A global pandemic during a war seems like a terrible coincidence, but in fact, the war helped spread the virus across the globe... Continue Reading →

The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe

The Hilarious World of Depression is a memoir of the popular radio and podcast personality John Moe. Moe has suffered from depression since junior high though he did not know that for a long time. The diagnosis itself was liberating... Continue Reading →

The Address Book by Deirdre Mask

The Address Book explores street addresses and how and where they began and why they matter. But that sounds so dull compared to the fascinating stories that fill this book. Deirdre Mask first discusses why addresses matter. Anyone who has tried... Continue Reading →

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