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Four Stars

The Ferryman by Justin Cronin

The Ferryman takes place sometime in our future when the environmental toll couple with international conflict has made our planet a hellhole. However, a group of people have withdrawn to a few islands where they prosper, at least some of... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Girls by Monica Potts

The Forgotten Girls is a memoir that asks why Monica Potts, the author, and Darci, her best friend, ended up with such different lives. Potts is a successful and respected journalist and author while Darci struggles with addiction, poverty, and despair.... Continue Reading →

Death and Croissants by Ian Moore

Death and Croissants is the first of the Follet Valley Mysteries, a series of cozy and witty mysteries featuring Richard, the middle-aged owner of a bed and breakfast in France and his adventures with a frequent and favorite guest, the... Continue Reading →

Post After Post-Mortem by E. C. R. Lorac

Post After Post-Mortem suggests sometimes it is best to let sleeping suicides lie. When the successful writer Ruth Surray is found dead at a family gathering that included some of her publishing friends, a verdict is quickly decided and the... Continue Reading →

The Sanctuary by Katrine Engberg

The Sanctuary seems to rely heavily on coincidence when the grisly murder of an unidentified man seems to be linked to Barnholm, the island where Jeppe Kørner, the leading half of the Korner and Werner police duo from Katrine Engberg's... Continue Reading →

The 12th Commandment by Daniel Torday

The 12th Commandment refers to a controversial principle of the Dönme, a crypto-Jewish sect established in Turkey but, in this book, also in Ohio. The 12th commandment demands that one kill one's own child if they share the secrets of... Continue Reading →

The Exiles by Jane Harper

Exiles takes Aaron Falk to wine country. His friend and former colleague, Greg Raco, asked Falk to be godfather to his new baby. The emotional context of this christening is a blend of joy in the new baby and the... Continue Reading →

The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Berners-Lee

The Carbon Footprint of Everything is a book that directly addresses our individual ability to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. In it, Mike Berners-Lee considers the carbon cost of items, including the energy to produce and transport them.... Continue Reading →

Jumping Jenny by Anthony Berkeley

Jumping Jenny, like jumping jack, pops out of a box to surprise everyone. In this case, Mrs. Stratton surprises everyone by being murdered at a murder party. This is the ninth mystery for Anthony Blakeley's supersleuth Roger Sheringham. In honor... Continue Reading →

The Deluge by Stephen Markley

The Deluge takes place in the near future - a future in our lifetime for most of us. We have continued to do too little too late to check the progress of climate change and it has reached a tipping... Continue Reading →

A Trillion Trees by Fred Pearce

A Trillion Trees is one the rare, hopeful books from an environmental perspective. The deforestation of much of the earth's landmass has been a constant. I remember hearing about Amazonian deforestation back when I was in school and to this... Continue Reading →

The Winter Guest by W. C. Ryan

The Winter Guest opens witih three murders. A car driven by a British officer is ambushed. The driver and the two passengers are shot after the IRA ambushed them at the gates of Kilcolgan House, a once stately home falling... Continue Reading →

Fox Creek by William Kent Krueger

Fox Creek demonstrates that Cork O'Connor does not have to be sheriff for his life to be rife with danger, crime, and suspense. He's retired, cooking burgers, but when a man comes in looking for his wife, his detective's intuition... Continue Reading →

Going to Beautiful by Anthony Bidulka

Going to Beautiful is a story of loss, mourning, and awakening to a new and completely unimagined life. Jake and his partner Eddie are living the life. Both have ridden the reality-television road to fame and fortune. Eddie in a... Continue Reading →

They Want to Kill Americans by Malcolm Nance

They Want to Kill Americans is a wide-ranging investigation into the movements that coalesced into the January 6th insurrection and their continuing efforts to take over the government, preferably, it seems, by force. They are unified in their white nationalist disdain... Continue Reading →

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