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Four Stars

The Cynic by Alec MacGillis

I have been wanting to read The Cynic ever since I saw a picture of Mitch McConnell, student activist, organizing a civil rights march to Frankfort and learned he witnessed the signing of the Voting Rights Act. How did someone... Continue Reading →

Hannah’s War by Jan Eliasberg

Hannah's War is a historical fiction inspired by two scientists, Lise Meitner and Wener Heisenberg. Jan Eliasberg was intrigued by the oblique mention of Meitner in the New York Times story about the Manhattan Project. Her work was pivotal and... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy

It is so easy to be pessimistic about our planet's future when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is vowing to criminalize climate change boycotts and "radical protests" and Trump withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement. Bees are dying and butterflies... Continue Reading →

Give the Devil His Due by Sulari Gentill

Give the Devil His Due is the seventh in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series, featuring the privileged youngest son of a wealthy Australian family who, much to his elder brother's consternation, is a Bohemian artist sharing his home with a... Continue Reading →

The Tenant by Katrina Engberg

The Tenant is an excellent mystery from Denmark that opens with a shocking murder of a young woman, a tenant in a house in Copenhagen. The murder is discovered by another tenant, an elderly man who nearly dies himself from... Continue Reading →

Snow by Gilles Whittell

Snow was always of paramount importance while growing up in northern Minnesota. Walking out to the main road to put the flag out for the snow plow could be easy or difficult depending on the quality of the snow. Fine powdery... Continue Reading →

All the Best Lies by Joanna Schaffhausen

All the Best Lies is the third in the series of mysteries featuring Ellery Hathaway and Reed Markhan. When Ellery was a child, she was kidnapped by a serial rapist/murderer and Reed was the FBI agent who found her. Ellery... Continue Reading →

The Finance Curse by Nicholas Shaxson

The Finance Curse is the reason I will not achieve my 2019 GoodReads Reading Challenge of 200 books, but it was worth it. This is a very detailed review of the myriad ways the finance industry is undermining democracy, good... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts

The Rise of Magicks completes the "Chronicles of The One" trilogy. Fallon along with the twins Duncan and Tonia who all share a magical ancestry fated to save the world begins reclaiming the world from the forces of hate (the... Continue Reading →

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

Of Blood and Bone is the second in the Chronicles of The One, a futuristic series taking place after a plague has more than decimated the population of Earth. It opens thirteen years after Year One when Fallon, the baby... Continue Reading →

Fell Murder by E.C.R. Lorac

Fell Murder is another Chief Inspector Macdonald mystery from classic crime novelist E. C. R. Lorac. The Garths of Garthmere may have had their land since before Flodden Field in the 16th century, but they are farmers, not idle gentry.... Continue Reading →

Alien Archives by Robert Silverberg

I love short stories and loved Robert Silverberg's Alien Archives: Eighteen Stories of Extraterrestrial Encounters. Who doesn't love aliens? I volunteer my unused computer capacity to SETI @ Home, the distributed computing initiative to process signals from space to see... Continue Reading →

A View of the Harbour by Elizabeth Taylor

I think we need a word for books that work as a palate cleanser. I have read  A View of the Harbour by Elizabeth Taylor before, along with all her other books and short stories. It is in many ways a... Continue Reading →

The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen

The Vanishing Season is the first in what will surely be an excellent mystery series featuring Ellery Hathaway, a small-town cop who has survived being kidnapped by one of the country's most infamous serial killers. She survived, but she is... Continue Reading →

The Threat by Andrew G. McCabe

I suppose I am behind the times reading Andrew G. McCabe's book about the start of the Russia investigation and his retaliatory firing while America has moved on to the Ukraine scandal and impeachment, but the roots of the the... Continue Reading →

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