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The Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

The Fate of the Fallen is the first in a new series from Kel Kade whose "King's Dark Tidings" tetralogy was a bestseller. It begins with the murder of the chosen one, Mathias the Lightbane, on the very day he... Continue Reading →

Blood by Allison Moorer

Blood is a heartbreaking memoir by Allison Moorer, the country musician. I love music and have a few of her albums, but I had no idea about her history. I didn't know she was Shelby Lynne's sister, or that she... Continue Reading →

Secret Service by Tom Bradby

In Secret Service, Kate Henderson, a MI6 agent enlists a young undocumented immigrant to work as a nanny for a Russian oligarch's son and has her plant a listening device. From the little they were able to intercept, they learn... Continue Reading →

Boxing the Octopus by Tim Maleeny

Boxing the Octopus is the fourth Cape Weathers mystery and the first I have read. Fortunately, any competent mystery series does not require reading the books in order to enjoy them. In Boxing the Octopus, Cape is hired by a... Continue Reading →

Confluence by Zak Podmore

Confluence: Navigating the Personal & Political on Rivers of the New West is a collection of six essays by Zak Podmore that brilliantly connect the rivers he traverses to his own life and the political and social issues that plague... Continue Reading →

The Furies by Katie Lowe

The Furies is a compelling addition to the private school clique thriller in the vein of Donna Tartt's "The Secret History." The private school is Elm Hollow which kindly offered a scholarship to Violet, a young girl whose father and... Continue Reading →

Death Set to Music by Mark Hebden

Death Set to Music is an enjoyabe police procedural set in Burgundy. The lead character is Inspector Pel, an irascible hypochondriac with a weakness for alcohol. A local woman had been bludgeoned to death. It appears 3000 francs and some... Continue Reading →

Do You Mind If I Cancel by Gary Janetti

The first time I saw Gary Janetti was in his husband's series "It's a Brad Brad World" about the celebrity stylist Brad Goreski who had been the long-suffering new hire on Rachel Zoe's show. I was happy to see him... Continue Reading →

Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha

What is justice? How can we love people who do evil? Can someone be a good person in one realm and evil in another? These are just a few of the pressing questions Steph Cha' examines in Your House Will... Continue Reading →

The Brilliant Dark by S. M. Beiko

The Brilliant Dark is the third and final installment in The Realm of Ancients series by S. M. Beiko. In this last chapter of the series, the story is organized around Saskia, a Mundane who has been raised by Denizens.... Continue Reading →

How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones

How We Fight For Our Lives is a marvelous memoir written in chapters that function as individual essays. Saeed Jones tells us about growing up a gay Black boy in Texas, his relationships with his mother and grandmother, and his... Continue Reading →

Dover Two by Joyce Porter

Dover Two is the second in a mystery series from the Sixties that is being republished for a new generation of readers. DCI Dover does not represent the best of Scotland Yard. Dover is played for laughs, a fat, lazy,... Continue Reading →

I Will Never See the World Again by Ahmet Altan

Ahmet Altan is a writer and a journalist in Turkey who managed to offend Erdogan. He and his brother Mehmet were arrested after the failed coup in 2016 and charged with aiding the coup and were sentenced to life in... Continue Reading →

Blues in the Dark by Raymond Benson

Blues in the Dark begins when indie film producer Karissa Glover finds a rental offer she can't refuse. It's the mansion of the long-dead Blair Kendrick, still furnished, her clothes still in the closets, untouched since 1949, when she was... Continue Reading →

The Economists’ Hour by Binyamin Appelbaum

The Economists' HourĀ is a history of how economists have gained primacy in policy-making in all three branches of government. From big business paying judges $1000 to go on a one-week Florida junket where they were taught regulations are bad and... Continue Reading →

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