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David Housewright

What Doesn’t Kill Us by David Housewright

What Doesn't Kill Us is the 18th installment in the P.I. Rushmore MacKenzie series and a real surprise. Early in the book, Mac is shot and spends the majority of the book in a medically induced coma while his friends... Continue Reading →

From the Grave by David Housewright

From the Grave  is the seventeenth mystery in the detective series featuring Twin Cities detective Mac McKenzie. It all starts when a friend of Mac's goes to a psychic reading and a malevolent ghost shows up and promises the secret... Continue Reading →

Darkness, Sing Me a Song by David Housewright

The great thing about series mysteries is getting to know your character over time and seeing them change and grow, or in the case of Darkness, Sing Me a Song by David Housewright, getting reacquainted after an almost twenty-year absence. St. Paul... Continue Reading →

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