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Joyce Carol Oates

The (Other) You by Joyce Carol Oates

The (Other) You is an anthology of short stories by the incomparable Joyce Carol Oates. There are fifteen stories in this book and not one disappoints, though a few left me feeling devastated. In some ways, this book is the... Continue Reading →

Pursuit by Joyce Carol Oates

The morning after her wedding, Abby steps in front of a bus. Was that a moment of distraction or self-destruction? We don't know and neither does her new husband Willem. During her long recovery, Willem probes her nightmares and her... Continue Reading →

A Book of American Martyrs by Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates does not shy from controversy. A Book of American Martyrs is sure to become one of her most controversial since it centers on that most polarizing of American rifts–abortion. The martyrs in her book are Augustus Vorhees, a dedicated... Continue Reading →

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