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Ink & Sigil by Kevin Hearne

Ink & Sigil is an enjoyable fantasy for the great world-builder Kevin Hearne. Al MacBharrais is our narrator hero, a sigil agent, one of only five sigil agents in the world and he has trouble. His apprentice died choking on... Continue Reading →

The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson

Cara is a traverser, a traveler from Earth 0 to the other possible Earths created by the many decisions people make in their lives. Traversers are drawn from the poor and desperate people of Ash Town, the impoverished city outside... Continue Reading →

Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The Girl of Ink and Stars is an exciting story of a young girl named Isabella whose father is a cartographer, a lost art since their island has been cut off from the world after a terrible tyrant has invaded... Continue Reading →

A Blight of Blackwings by Kevin Hearne

A Blight of Blackwings is the second book in Kevin Hearne's Seven Kennings fantasy series. It moves several groups of people forward from A Blight of Blackwings. As before we have the historian Dervan narrating the story with some of... Continue Reading →

Everyone Knows How Much I Love You by Kyle McCarthy

Everyone Knows How Much I Love You is the story of friendship that goes back to childhood. Rose and Lacie were inseparable friends until Rose betrayed Lacie. Now they are adults establishing themselves in their careers, Rose as a writer... Continue Reading →

A Desperate Place by Jennifer Greer

A Desperate Place is a mystery that takes place in Medford, Oregon. I had to read it for that reason. And then to make it better, it features a crime-solving duo. McKenna and Riggs are a reporter and a pathologist... Continue Reading →

Who Did You Tell? by Lesley Kara

Who Did You Tell? is a thriller of the someone-knows-your-secret variety. Astrid is an alcoholic who is 192 days sober. She has hit what she thinks is her rock-bottom, has come home to live with her mother whose disapproval and... Continue Reading →

The New Girl by Harriet Walker

Women know that in spite of all the advances they have made toward professional equality, they still risk falling behind by taking maternity leave. Margot is terrified she will find herself replaced in her much-loved and high-power job editing a... Continue Reading →

The Great Influenza by John M. Barry

The Great Influenza is a history of the Spanish Influenza epidemic that began during World War I. A global pandemic during a war seems like a terrible coincidence, but in fact, the war helped spread the virus across the globe... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Fortune by Allison Pataki

The Queen's Fortune is the sixth historical novel by Allison Pataki and the second I have enjoyed. This tells the story of Desiree Clary, the silk merchant's daughter who rose to be the Queen of Sweden. Desiree was a charming... Continue Reading →

Hill Women by Cassie Chambers

Hill Women is very much Cassie Chambers memoir of her life, her family and the women of Owsley County, the poorest country in Kentucky, the second poorest in the United States. It is exactly the sort of place J. D.... Continue Reading →

The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez

The Vanished Birds is a beautifully written story of post-Earth humanity. A young man on a resource planet is infatuated with the captain of a ship that comes every fifteen years to collect the planets main export, though thanks to... Continue Reading →

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Water Dancer is Ta-Nehisi Coates first novel and utilizes his deep research into slavery that was such a powerful part of his writing for "The Atlantic." It is the story of Hiram Walker, a slave who grows up as... Continue Reading →

Ice Cold Heart by P. J. Tracy

Ice Cold Heart is the tenth book in the Monkeewrench series, named after the collective of hackers and computer whizzes and some Minnesota cops. It takes part during a cold snap in the Twin Cities and cold is an important... Continue Reading →

How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

How to Be an Anti-Racist rethinks some of the orthodoxies of dismantling racism. It follows Kendi's personal journey from the "respectability politics" of assimilation to the anti-racist understanding that there is nothing wrong with Black culture and that the old... Continue Reading →

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