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Soho Crime

The Missing American by Kwei Quartey

The Missing American is Gordon Tillson who met the love of his life while working in Ghana in the Peace Corps. When his beloved wife dies of cancer, he mourns her for years and becomes a fixture in a Facebook... Continue Reading →

The Second Biggest Nothing by Colin Cotterill

The Second Biggest Nothing is the fourteenth book in the Dr. Siri Paiboun series featuring a Laotian coroner. In this outing, Siri is the target of a revenge plot. He receives a threat, tied to his dog's tail, in English,... Continue Reading →

Joe Country by Mick Herron

Joe Country is the first book by Mick Herron I have read. This makes me think the Universe has fallen down on its job because somehow he has published eight books about Slough House, five books in another series, plus some... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Dead Man on Leave by David Downing

"Dead man on leave" is another name for an undercover Soviet spy. They don't expect to live long lives as they live at risk of exposure at any moment. Josef Hofmann was such a man. Born in Germany, he was... Continue Reading →

The Big Empty by Stan Jones and Patricia Watts

The Big Empty begins with series detective Nathan Active, a public safety officer in Chukchi, Alaska, searching for a plane crash when a local woman pilot and her doctor fiance go missing. The wreckage is easily found and the investigation by federal... Continue Reading →

An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten

Move over, Annelise Keating, and let Maud show you how to really get away with murder. In Helene Tursten's short story collection An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good, we are introduced to Maud, a singularly self-involved aged woman. Maud does... Continue Reading →

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