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The Drift by C. J. Tudor

The Drift brings us the most likely dystopic future we can imagine with an incredibly lethal virus coupled with ineffectual mitigation, leading to retreat and isolation. There are three narratives being told by Meg, Hannah, and Carter. Meg is on... Continue Reading →

The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Berners-Lee

The Carbon Footprint of Everything is a book that directly addresses our individual ability to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. In it, Mike Berners-Lee considers the carbon cost of items, including the energy to produce and transport them.... Continue Reading →

The Night Travelers by Armando Lucas Correa

The Night Travelers treads lightly on the familiar ground of The German Girl. Again we have the story of Ally, a mother saving her daughter Lilith from genocide by sending her to Cuba. Lilith repeats her mother's sacrifice, sending her... Continue Reading →

Jumping Jenny by Anthony Berkeley

Jumping Jenny, like jumping jack, pops out of a box to surprise everyone. In this case, Mrs. Stratton surprises everyone by being murdered at a murder party. This is the ninth mystery for Anthony Blakeley's supersleuth Roger Sheringham. In honor... Continue Reading →

Ground Control by K. A. Hough

Ground Control begins with a familiar concept, the impulse to seek, discover, and colonize. The wagon train is replaced by a colony ship to Mars, sending families to settle there. Sarah is a woman who defines her life by her... Continue Reading →

The Devil You Know by P. J. Tracy

The Devil You Know is the third in the series featuring Margaret Nolan. At first, it's not even clear whether her case is really a case. When Evan Hobbes body is found in the rubble after a minor rockslide, his... Continue Reading →

The Deluge by Stephen Markley

The Deluge takes place in the near future - a future in our lifetime for most of us. We have continued to do too little too late to check the progress of climate change and it has reached a tipping... Continue Reading →

A Trillion Trees by Fred Pearce

A Trillion Trees is one the rare, hopeful books from an environmental perspective. The deforestation of much of the earth's landmass has been a constant. I remember hearing about Amazonian deforestation back when I was in school and to this... Continue Reading →

The Winter Guest by W. C. Ryan

The Winter Guest opens witih three murders. A car driven by a British officer is ambushed. The driver and the two passengers are shot after the IRA ambushed them at the gates of Kilcolgan House, a once stately home falling... Continue Reading →

48 States by Evette Davis

48 States features a strong, capable, and independent protagonist named River who is flagged down by a wounded man on the road. Finn is the President's son, something he doesn't tell River immediately, certain she would abandon him if he... Continue Reading →

Lucy By the Sea by Elizabeth Strout

Lucy By the Sea returns faithful readers of Elizabeth Strout's novels to familiar people and places. It's 2020 and Lucy's ex-husband William tells her to pack and come with him. Unlike Lucy, he has been paying attention to the news... Continue Reading →

First Born by Will Dean

First Born explores the toll the death of an identical twin can take. When Molly Raven learns her identical twin sister KT is dead, it seems as though several rugs have been pulled out from under her all at once.... Continue Reading →

Dead and Gondola by Ann Claire

A stranger walks into a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, though. It's the famed Book Chalet in the ski-town of Last Word, Colorado, a resort town that draws the rich and famous. The man came in during a local book... Continue Reading →

A Cigarette Lit Backwards by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

A Cigarette Lit Backwards is the story of Kat, an awkward teen who is deeply into punk music and the entire punk aesthetic. Some of this is practical, it's cheaper to be fashionable if your fashion aesthetic is sourced in... Continue Reading →

All the Broken Girls by Linda Hurtado Bond

All the Broken Girls tells us the story of Mari Alvarez, crime reporter, and single-minded pursuer of the truth. I hesitate to say one can be over-zealous in pursuit of the truth, but if anyone is, it's Mari. Mari is... Continue Reading →

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