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The Notorious Mrs. Clem by Wendy Gamber

Just three years after the end of the Civil War, Jason and Nancy Young were murdered along the White River outside Indianapolis. The investigation quickly settled on a conspiracy of three men and a woman who were involved in a dubious financial... Continue Reading →


The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

Over fifty years ago, Margaret, Lucille, Grace, and Barbara worked together without pause until solved the problem of time travel and built a time machine that not only moved bunnies but people. All that work, pressure, and the time travel... Continue Reading →

The Heavens by Sandra Newman

Readers should avoid reading anything about The Heavens before reading it which is an odd thing to write at the beginning of a book review. Still, if you don't know the premise of the book, the gradual understanding, the dawning awareness of... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Noir by René Appel & Josh Pachter

Amsterdam Noir is an excellent addition to the uncommon mystery anthology series Akashic Noir. In this edition, editors René Appel and Josh Pachter selected twenty-two short stories that evoke the noir sensibilities of Amsterdam. They took inspiration from four classic noir films. Out of the... Continue Reading →

The Golden Tresses of the Dead by Alan Bradley

Flavia is back! Ophelia is marrying Dieter and Flavia is on her best behavior, sort of...but then her sister finds a finger in her wedding cake and falls into tears that threaten to ruin her honeymoon. Flavia, quick-witted as she... Continue Reading →

If, Then by Kate Hope Day

If, Then takes place on a quiet street in a small Oregon town shelter in the shadow of a dormant volcano called Broken Mountain. We get to know three of the families living there as they go about their lives. There... Continue Reading →

Free All Along edited by Stephen Drury Smith & Catherine Ellis

In 1964, Robert Penn Warren was commissioned by "Look Magazine" to interview the leaders of the civil rights movement and that he did. Free All Along is an edited compilation of about a third of his interviews. Warren seemed to have a... Continue Reading →

The Bold World by Jodie Patterson

The Bold World is described as a memoir about raising a trans child, but it is far more than that. Author Jodie Patterson's youth, education, and early years didn't happen as a prelude to parenting her child, that is not how... Continue Reading →

The Secret Wisdom of Nature by Peter Wohlleben

The Secret Wisdom of Nature focuses on the relationships between the flora and fauna of nature, things like how some plants, insects, birds, or animals interact with other plants, insects, or animals to survive, thrive, and multiply. Many of the relationships are... Continue Reading →

The Colour of Murder by Julian Symons

John Wilkins is an unappealing person and his narrative is the majority of the story in Julian Symons innovative mystery The Colour of Murder. The novel has three parts, John Wilkins' narrative to his psychiatrist who is doing an assessment on... Continue Reading →

The Unforgotten by Laura Powell

In Laura Powell's The Unforgotten, a flock of reporters descends on the Eden Hotel in the Cornish village of St. Steele after a second young woman is murdered by a brutal killer. Fifteen-year-old Betty Broadbent lives there with her mother, Delores,... Continue Reading →

Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser

Forget You Know Me begins like a thriller. Liza is on a video call with her life-long best friend Molly, a desperately needed catch-up after a too-long hiatus. Liza has moved to Chicago and these two who have been in each... Continue Reading →

The Few by Nadia Dalbuono

The Few is the first in a mystery series from Nadia Dalbuono that promises to be an excellent procedural series with complex characters and mysteries that explore the politics and corruption of contemporary Italy. Leone Scamarcio is the son of a... Continue Reading →

Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen

Here and Now and Then begins with Kin Crenshaw moments after being shot by a time-traveling criminal whose attempt to alter the future he had traveled back in time to prevent. Unfortunately, he was shot so that his transmitter and connection... Continue Reading →

Run Cold by Ed Ifkovic

Run Cold is the tenth installment in the Edna Ferber mysteries. This one takes her out of her New York society milieu to the rough-and-tumble life of Fairbanks, Alaska, where she is conducting another research trip for her novel Ice Palace, a... Continue Reading →

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