The WorldWatch Institute publishes an annual statistical review of the trends that are shaping our world and our future. Vital Signs 20 was released in December 2014 which puts it slightly out of date in WorldWatch terms, they have released Vital Signs 22 already. However, in terms of understanding the world today, it’s an invaluable reference.

Vital Signs 20 informs us of trends in energy production, agriculture production, economic development, and environmental protection. It’s not great news, but there are glimmers of hope, increasing production of alternative energy, more productive agriculture. China’s increased reliance on wind production for example. There are dangers, such as the increased dangers of water scarcity.

4pawsIn a world full of propaganda and pseudoscience, WorldWatch Institute provides a valuable service, monitoring global trends that will determine our future and providing solid and reliable data from year to year. Vital Signs publications keeps our eyes on the global trends that matter the most. Moreover, since it is online, there is a constant, up-to-date reference for concerned citizens who are trying to find their way through a sea of disinformation, misinformation and junk science.

Vital Signs Online

I was provided an e-galley of Vital Signs 20 by Worldwatch Institute through NetGalley.