The Hemingway Thief is an intriguing and original speculative mystery-thriller about the most famous theft in literature, the infamous theft of Ernest Hemingway’s entire oeuvre from a train station platform. Written by first-time novelist Shaun Harris, it is one of those thrillers that starts off at high speed and never lets up.

It begins with successful romance novelist Henry “Coop” Cooper plotting the murder of Toulouse Velour, his pseudonymous alter-ego. When a drunk grifter wanders into the bar and Coop more or less accidentally rescues him, with encouragement and help from the bar owner, Grady, he ends up involved in an adventure that could last him a lifetime.

The grifter reveals he has a Hemingway manuscript, a draft of A Movable Feast that has been heavily edited. Much of what is left out leaves clues to an irresistible treasure hunt that brings them into contact with hard outlaws, cartel heavies and the most dangerous hired gun in the world. Well, the second most dangerous, there’s this one in Ireland…

4pawsFrequently funny, this is a delightful caper. There is a lot of violence and more people die than at a Midsomer County tea party, but it’s all in good fun as Coop manages to accidentally rescue himself and others more than once. Somewhere along the way, he finds he has grit and even tries to rescue people on purpose a few times.

And best of all, when the book is all done and the secrets are discovered, there will be a part of you that hopes it is all really true.

The Hemingway Thief will be released on July 19th. I received a review copy from the publisher via Edelweiss.

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