Let’s Fix Lunch! is more than just a cookbook. It’s a manifesto for reducing waste. That makes it a welcome addition to my cookbook shelf. I try to reduce waste as well. The cookbook focuses on lunch which means there are plenty of snacks, salads, soups, and sandwiches.

There is an impressive example of cooking basics that can be used to create additional meals throughout the week. I looked at it in awe and with the absolute acceptance that I will never be so organized. I usually decide what to cook when I start cooking. Still, it was impressive.

Some recipes are thrilling such as the Persian Herb Frittata. I love manakeesh, the delicious form of Lebanese pizza, and this looks like an easy and flavorful alternative. The cheddar onion slice and bake crackers are another winner.  The barbecue chickpeas are wonderful. I have roasted chickpeas for snacks so many times, but never before with this much flavor. I love Waldorf salad and I love sandwiches, I have never thought of a Waldorf salad sandwich.

Let’s Fix Lunch! offers delicious and accessible recipes that are easy and use ingredients most people have on hand without a special shopping trip. It is also great at setting people up for a week of meals with some weekend preparation. I acknowledge that part is just pretty to look at for me, but for people with little time for cooking, it could be a life-saver.

I also appreciate the effort to advise people on how to reduce food waste and storage waste. That is why Stasher, a company that makes reusable silicone storage bags to reduce waste. I just rewash my plastic freezer bags over and over and over until they start to leak, but reusable permanent bags are a smart idea in the long run. This is a forward-looking cookbook with easy and delicious recipes.

I received an e-galley of Let’s Fix Lunch! from the publisher through NetGalley

Let’s Fix Lunch! at Chronicle Books

Kat Nouri, Erin Scott, & Stasher