Move over, Annelise Keating, and let Maud show you how to really get away with murder. In Helene Tursten’s short story collection An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Goodwe are introduced to Maud, a singularly self-involved aged woman. Maud does not suffer fools gladly, or at all.

Over the course of five short stories, Maud dodders along quite homicidally and for some fiendish reason, she is a delight. I particularly like the last two short stories that recount the same murder from Maud’s perspective and from the perspective of one of her neighbors.

I like Helene Tursten’s Iren Huus series. Tursten writes with clarity and discipline, never cluttering her stories with ephemera. This makes her an ideal short story writer. Add to that, the sly element of humor woven into these stories, or perhaps the humor is found in imagining a homicidal octogenarian. It’s clear that Maud is an elderly lady up to no good, but I can’t help feeling in sympathy with her.

I also love the cover design.

I received an e-galley of An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good from the publisher through Edelweiss